Under Ohio Skys sideI Broadcast from Chillicothe Ohio (unknown date)
Under Ohio Skys sideII Broadcast from Mt. Gilead Wildlife Area (unknown date)

      Recordings are from a radio transcription from the 30's or 40's from the old Ohio Division of Conservation, predecessor to the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Any help with pinpointing the year would be appreciated. The transcription (a large record like platter once commonly used by radio stations) was purchased by wildlife officer Tom Bowersox on Ebay for 10.00. The original owner said he picked it up from a radio station in Cleveland, at an auction. We had it dubbed to tape over at Musicol studios, by John Hall, a Columbus recording veteran....John knew the man that owned the studio (Anderson) that transcribed the recording. Anderson studios went out of business in the seventies... The files are .mp3 files, and once downloaded, will play back with Windows Media Player, Realaudio player or your favorite windows mp3 utility, such as Winamp...(some browsers might just go ahead and play the file as well...) The mp3 file can also be played back using a portable mp3 player. Enjoy!